Adult Diaper Machine


Product origin :CHINA


Reliable speed:250 - 350 m/min

Perfect folding process, ensure the product straight tangent.
Loose layout design which improve the space for maintenance and adjustment.
Product detection system (including the weight, metal, appearance, position).

1New design saves the costs of machine andproduct: Such as one 3D fluff pad, narrow width with wide side panels.

2: Adopt linear bearings as sleeve offluff wheel shaft for easy dismantling.

3:Install support plat at front offorming wheel for more stabilization without vibrating.

4:Adopt whole roll of bearings for drivenrolls of vacuum conveyors to minimize between gap to avoid fluff pad damageduring conveying.

5:Strong frame design can meet 400m/minreliable running speed

6:Adopt dragon gate design for cuttingframe and other heavey parts bases to ensure solid andprecision.

7:Just to change motor parameters on thetouch screen to change cut&place speed for different size to ensure nospeed difference from main line speed.

8:Install auxiliary dismantle unit forshape cutting unit and frontal tape cut&place unit for easy &quick changing over.

9:Adopt dragon gate design for buffer andtension control to meet auto splicing at 350m/m running.

10:Adopt big side attached and small sidefolded for side tape to ensure strong sticking and no missing.

11: Side panels attached to the top of topsheet toensure strong sticking, reliable folding and no missing.

Product Tag Adult Diaper Machine
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